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Our first project is to fund an existing group of male and female players and coaches in Huye. The area is a hotbed of cricket and has a well established coaching network delivering coaching sessions in schools and community settings throughout the town and surrounding villages. Unfortunately, Huye has no cricket ground and therefore organising matches means making a 5 hour round trip to Kigali, where all other clubs and Rwanda’s only cricket grounds are based. The cost of such travel and the requirement for an overnight stay means that entering a team into the national league is impossible without external funding to cover:

  • Hardball cricket kit
  • Team kits
  • Bus travel
  • Overnight accommodation for matches
  • Food and drink for all matches

The Rwanda Cricket Association (‘RCA’) has agreed that TJCC may enter the National League Division two for the coming season and going forward TJCC will compete in the National T10, T20 and 50 over competitions. To assist in minimising the costs of TJCC, the RCA is allowing the team to play matches on Saturdays and Sundays each time they travel to Kigali and will also allow the team to stay overnight in the RCA guest house without charge. As a result, the estimated costs of running a team (men’s or ladies) is around £1,500 per season. TJCC already holds sufficient funds from donors to meet the cost of equipment and kits needed by the team.

If you are able to consider becoming a patron of TJCC by making a small monthly donation to assist in covering costs we would be extremely grateful.